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A+ With The Better Business Bureau

BBB A+ Accreditation

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REMODELWORKS is a Better Business Bureau (BBB) Accredited Business and earned a grade A+ through the BBB’s rating system.

For our consumers and partners, that means they can be assured that our business practices meet or exceed BBB standards of integrity and performance. In making their evaluation, the BBB, an unbiased non-profit, considers such issues as:

  • The company’s overall complaint history with the BBB.
  • Whether the complaints were resolved in a timely manner or the business demonstrated good faith to resolve them.
  • How long the business has been operating.
  • Whether any government actions have been taken against the business.
  • Whether the business is a BBB Accredited Business and has committed to BBB standards.

The “Accredited” designation highlights the fact that businesses have been evaluated by the BBB and have contractually agreed to meet and uphold the BBB’s high standards for integrity and reliability when dealing with consumers.

Both BBB Accredited Businesses and non-accredited businesses in the BBB’s database received a letter grade as part of their report.

For more information on BBB ratings and to find out which local businesses made the grade, go to



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